Discovery Logging, Inc.
Mudlog Acquisition / Analysis

Discovery Logging, Inc. was incorporated in July 1984 and has since established itself a solid reputation in the mudlogging industry. Our goal since inception has been to provide quality logging personnel and equipment.

What is Mudlogging? Mudloggers are geologist/loggers who work out of mobile field laboratories which are set up at the edge of the drilling location. The primary function is to collect, describe, and evaluate rock cuttings which are returned to the surface with the drilling fluid. "Geologists/loggers" evaluate the cutting for fossils, oil stain, bleeding gas and hydrocarbon fluorescence to determine if the hydrocarbons are from an oil-bearing formation. They also monitor and record any gas that may be present in the drilling fluid with gas detection equipment in the field unit.

Mudlogging is a personalized service and the logger is still the most important component of the job. Discovery’s management and loggers have solid geological backgrounds in the Permian Basin of West Texas and southeastern New Mexico. Our combination of experience and quality equipment assures a mudlog second to none.

Our logging units and equipment were built by Tooke Engineering, Casper, Wyoming. These identical field labs use solid state electronics in the gas detection equipment. Due to today's faster drilling rates, each unit is computerized allowing the logger to process greater amounts of information. Computers aid the logger in drill time acquisition, drafting, and data transfer. Discovery uses "Mainlog" software for its field logging program and also for our Client/Office Program allowing the user to view and manage the field data. The mudlogs can be transmitted from the field to the client by any of the following means:

  • E-mail from Discovery's server. (At any time)
  • Web site using a password.
  • Fax.
To find out more about our Client/Office Program visit our Discovery Mudlog page.
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